• Liposuction After pregnancy

    The Best Time to Have Liposuction After Having a Baby

    Did you know that liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure among postpartum moms? It makes sense — after all, the lower and upper abdomen are precisely where a lot of excess fat tends to accumulate after giving birth. To put it simply, if you’ve got lots of extra fat in these areas with […]

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  • High – Definition Female Liposuction

    Case Study: High – Definition Female Liposuction

    Patient Profile: Patient is a 28 years old female who has been leading an active lifestyle with yoga and currently working as an entrepreneur. Despite good diet and exercise routine patient was unable to lose stubborn fat around tummy, back and love handles along with thigh fat. Her BMI was 24.8 with no co morbidities […]

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