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    How are Arm Liposuctions Changing the Beauty Industry?

    Arm liposuction can be performed by a Plastic surgeon or an aesthetician and this is becoming increasingly popular. The changes in the beauty industry are making it easier for people to get involved in the process of beauty enhancement. The popularity of arm liposuction has been growing rapidly. Although it is slightly more expensive than […]

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    What is Arm Liposuction? Know Types, Risk Factors & Cost in India

    What is Arm Liposuction? Surgery to remove extra fat around the arms and contour it. Can be done under local anesthesia. Right candidate: Good skin tone, excess fat around arms, healthy lifestyle Types of Arm Liposuction: Suction assisted Liposuction: With conventional suction machine Ultrasound assisted liposuction: Ultrasound based energy to make fat removal easy plus […]

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