Breast Reduction Surgery: Booster dose of self-confidence – Case Study

Breast Reduction Surgery: Booster dose of self-confidence – Case Study

What is breast reduction Surgery?


A breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is a procedure that decreases the size of your breasts.

Some people with very large breasts experience pain in their back, neck or shoulders and other physical symptoms that affect their quality of life.

It also impacts their self-esteem and sense of well-being as they are scared to wear clothes of their choice or go out for physical activities.

In breast reduction surgery, we remove breast fat, tissue and skin to achieve a breast size that’s more comfortable for you.


Patient Profile

  • 40 Year old health care professional based in United Kingdom
  • Frequent back and neck pain due to heavy and saggy breasts
  • Rashes under the breast
  • Inability to wear choice of clothes


Pre-surgery Evaluation


  • Mammography- Normal
  • Breast Examination – Normal
  • No systemic illness
  • Plan- Both sides breast reduction with breast lift with liposuction of axilla(armpits)

Surgical details

  • Surgery done under General Anaesthesia
  • Right breast tissue removed – 1350 grams
  • Left breast tissue removed- 1650 grams
  • Fat liposuctioned -200 ml
  • Total Body tissue removed ~ 3 kgs

Post- Surgery

  • One day admission
  • Dissolvable stitches
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Speedy recovery
  • Back to normal routine in 2 days
  • Back to home country in 10 days

Breast Reduction Surgery - Before and after

Patient feedback

“I am very happy. It feels that great load has been taken off breast. Within 10 days I can feel the change in my body and feel much lighter. I am excited to start this new phase with only one regret though happy regret that I will have to buy new clothes now”.


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