Freeze the fat

BYE BYE FAT: Freeze the fat!

Freeze the fat:- The COVID pandemic has brought with itself another pandemic- Obesity! With gyms closed and most of the people working from home, lifestyles have changed drastically. Also, with the imposition of lockdown and no outdoor activities possible, health has taken a backseat. A good diet does have an impact but in some cases, the stubborn fat refuses to go away.

What is stubborn fat? | Freeze the fat

Stubborn fat is one that refuses to shed even after following a good regime of diet and exercise. In males, fat accumulates around the waist and in females around thighs and arms. The areas of stubborn fat can vary from individual to individual.

I don’t want surgery, is there any other way to lose fat?

Sometimes a longer downtime and also other fears related to surgical options can be a deal-breaker for patients who want to lose fat. The patient wants something which doesn’t affect his lifestyle while losing fat. CoolSculpting or freezing the fat can be a good option for those patients.

What is CoolSculpting? | Freeze the fat

CoolSculpting is a combination of using cold temperatures to sculpt your body. It works on the principle of Cryolipolysis which involves very low temperatures to melt the fat cells which are then digested by cells of the body. It has no downtime and you can return to work in an hour. It can work on more than one area at a time.

How many sessions of CoolSculpting are required? | Freeze the fat

It depends on the area and amount of fat that is to be worked on. Generally, sessions are spread over weeks and the results can require multiple sessions before they are visible.

Is CoolSculpting for me?

Although it has been marketed for every body type, the results have not proven that. In fact, most plastic surgeons are of the opinion that cool sculpting can only help if you have very less amount of fat deposits. For large amounts of fat deposits, LIPOSUCTION remains a safe and cost-effective procedure.

Also, it has been seen that if liposuction is done after few sessions of Coolsculting, the results are hampered as the subzero temperature of freezing the fat affects the superficial layer of skin roo which is essential for effective redraping of skin after surgery.

Which procedure should I opt for: CoolSculpting or Liposuction?

No one size fits all. There are pros and cons of each procedure. To make it easy let’s compare various aspects of both procedures.

DowntimeMinimalUpto a week
ResultsUp to an year or longerImmediate, improves over months
Sessions required MultipleSingle
Overall CostHigherLesser
Fat removedLessHigher, up to 5 liters in one go