High definition Liposuction: 3 key steps you should know before Surgery

High Definition Liposuction: 3 key steps you should know before Surgery

1. Infiltration:

Tumescent fluid is infiltrated in subcutaneous tissue that is underneath the skin.

Tumescent fluid contains drugs that ensures bloodless and faster removal of fat plus minimal post operative pain.

The fluid is infiltrated very superficially in skin till it’s firm.

Dr. Chugh uses a power infiltration device which has vibratory motion.


It helps in better distribution of infiltration fluid amongst fat cells.

2. Aspiration

Power assisted liposuction ensures removal of fat according to preop markings.

Important step is to create positive and negative spaces as described by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos.

Positive spaces receive more light than negative spaces.

  • In men, the negative spaces are generally around chest known as pectoral- latissimus dorsi triangle and pectoral- rectus triangle, subcostal triangle.
  • In abdomen, Semilunaris triangle, suboblique triangle.
  • In lower back Paravertebral triangle, Sacral triangle
  • In females, around chest- Submammary triangle, Subcostal triangle
  • In abdomen, midline, semilunaris triangle, suboblique triangle, pubic triangle
  • In back – Sacral triangle, thigh triangle

This an important concept to understand especially for a plastic surgeon as more fat is removed where we desire negative spaces to give an aesthetically pleasing look.

3. Controlled Deformities


This is most critical step as it requires superficial liposuction by using compression and pinching of skin.

Very fine cannula is used to create shadows which are then blended with positive spaces where less fat is removed.

In some cases Fat grafting can also be done with High definition liposuction.

Harvested fat can be used to augment chest, breast, buttocks, six pack abs, calves etc.