10 Myths and Facts about Hair Transplant you need to know!

10 Myths and Facts about Hair Transplant you need to know!

Hair transplant remains one of the most sought-after procedure. If you are considering hair transplant then these 10 myths must be busted

Myth # 1: Hair transplant looks unnatural

Fact: The results of hair transplant depend on the design of hairline. A plastic surgeon makes sure that the right density is achieved at right spot. Also the angle at which hair follicle is placed is taken in due consideration during the process.


Myth # 2: FUT is better than FUE

Fact: There is no such thing that one technique is better than the other. The technique of hair transplant is decided after examining the scalp, requirement for number of follicles and patient’s comfort. It is important that your hair transplant surgeon should be well versed in both the techniques as in cases of large area of requirement both FUE and FUT combination might be required.


Myth # 3: Hair Transplant is very painful

Fact: Hair transplant uses very fine needles to give local anaesthesia which makes the procedure pain free. It usually described as slight heaviness of scalp and not pain as patient goes home immediately after the procedure and usually don’t even require painkillers.


Myth # 4: Hair Transplant will give immediate results

Fact: The complete results of hair transplant will be visible after one year. Simple rule of thumb is 30% in 3 months, 60% in 6 months and 90% by 9 months.


Myth # 5: Large grafts produce more density

Fact: The density of the hair depends upon the number of hair grafts transplanted and not on the size of the graft. Density of the transplanted hair will never be the same as original hair but by placing it in right way and direction, good hair density can be achieved.


Myth # 6: Hair transplant is not for women

Fact: Hair transplantation works in both male and female. It is important to ascertain the cause of baldness as it can range from hormonal, nutritional or multifactorial cause.


Myth # 7: One should avoid washing hair after hair transplant surgery:

Fact: It is advised to keep the area of transplanted hair moist. A baby shampoo is to be used in initial few days to make froth and remove the scab. After 2 weeks you can wash your hair normally as you did earlier.


Myth # 8: Hair Transplant Surgery can affect your brain

Fact: 5 layers starting from skin to bone lie over the brain. Hair Transplant is a surgery that involves only the skin of the scalp and therefore there is no risk of any damage to brain.


Myth # 9: Anyone can get hair transplant

Fact: It is important to know whether you are the right candidate for hair transplant. Examination of donor area, quality of donor hair, number of hair grafts needed to cover the area of hair loss.


Myth # 10: An old individual should not undergo hair transplant.

Fact: There is no particular age of getting hair transplant done and it is possible even in old age. The number of grafts which are required and can be transplanted are not dependent on age as when it comes to hair loss sometimes hair loss can set in early and requirement may be much more than a person of older age.


Hair transplant is one of the most advertised procedure with every doctor and clinic claiming to be specialist. You must always ensure that hair transplant is done by a specialist who knows both FUE and FUT plus is done at an accredited clinic with all safety and hygiene.

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