The big question: Are liposuction results immediate?

The big question: Are liposuction results immediate?

The Covid pandemic has exposed the pandemic of obesity. Exercise, the diet has been severely affected as we adapt to the new normal of work from home due to lockdown. Although life has resumed there can areas of fat in the body which despite your best efforts have remained there.

BBC had reported a few months back about the increase in cosmetic surgery during Corona times and Liposuction remains one of the most sought after procedure. But are the results from liposuction immediate? Let’s find out what happens after Liposuction.

What happens after the liposuction?

Depending on the extent of areas and fat to be taken out, it can take 3-4 hours. After surgery, you will be wearing a tight elastic bandage. There will be stiffness and discomfort for which painkillers will be prescribed. In some cases, drains might be placed which are removed the next day. In the evening a compression garment is worn after removing the elastic tape.

How long will I have to wear a compression garment?

Immediately after the removal of the elastic bandage, you will be able to admire results. There will be swelling and bruising that usually starts subsiding by a week but the excess area of fat where liposuction has been done can be immediately appreciated. It is important that you wear a compression garment 24*7 for 6 weeks and then during day time till 3-6 months depending on your plastic surgeon’s opinion.

How long will it take for the final results?

It can take up to a year to fully appreciate the results as the swelling subsides, the skin retracts back and the body heals. To get the best and long-lasting results you are advised to follow a good diet and exercise routine. Light exercise can be resumed after a week while heavy exercise should not be resumed before one month.

The role of compression garments cannot be overstated along with lymphatic massage that helps reduce swelling and promote better skin retraction.

How to maintain the results after liposuction?

A good diet, exercise, compression garment form the core of long-lasting and sustainable results. While liposuction removes fat, the skin might become saggy. Hence it is imperative to discuss beforehand with your plastic surgeon as he/she can assess the skin tone and quality.

In some cases where the skin is loose and hanging, an additional procedure of Tummy Tuck might have to be performed. In mild cases of saggy skin, good results can be obtained by the use of technologies like VASER Liposuction, Microaire, or Bodytite.

The most important factor still remains the experience of the surgeon as each patient is different and requires an exclusive and holistic approach.


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