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    Case Study – Breast Lift with 360 Liposuction Treatment in Delhi NCR

    Patient Profile : 36 year old with chief complaints of droopy breast and lack of upper pole fullness along with stubborn fat deposition in tummy and back. Plan before Surgery: Liposuction of whole back and tummy along Auto augmentation Mastopexy to maintain breast fullness and treat droopiness. Surgery: Power assisted liposuction to smoothen out residual […]

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    Which Type of Breast Lift Should I Get? Ask your Plastic Surgeon in Delhi India

    Are you looking for breast lift surgery in India?   But are you confused about which type of breast lift is good for you? The decision to choose the most suitable breast lift procedure for you will be based upon consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR India. Several factors, including the degree […]

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