Case Study – Breast Lift with 360 Liposuction Treatment in Delhi NCR

Patient Profile :

36 year old with chief complaints of droopy breast and lack of upper pole fullness along with stubborn fat deposition in tummy and back.

Plan before Surgery:

Liposuction of whole back and tummy along Auto augmentation Mastopexy to maintain breast fullness and treat droopiness.


Power assisted liposuction to smoothen out residual fat deposits and take out both deep and superficial fat.
Auto augmentation Mastopexy with movement of inferior pedicle to restore fullness along with superomedial pedicle and vertical scar reduction.

breast lift with 360 lipoPost Surgery :

1 1/2 days Hospital stay, no drains. Minimal pain, slight discomfort. Back to work in 5-6 days. Compression garment to be worn for 8 weeks – 24*7.

Results seen 3 months post op