• How much fat survives after Breast Transfer Surgery

    How much fat survives after Breast Transfer Surgery?

    What is Breast Transfer Surgery? Breast transfer surgery is a medical cosmetic procedure which, in order to improve the size, shape or contour of breasts by transposing fat from one part of the body into another, also called Autologous Fat Grafting and Transfer. This procedure is often chosen as an alternative to breast augmentation using […]

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    Breast Augmentation with Implants – Case Study for 40 year old female

    Breast Augmentation with Implants Patient: 40 year old female Concerns: Deflated breasts Examination: Breast Hypoplasia with minimal sagginess Plan: Breast augmentation with implants of size 260 cc each side after 3D consultation Results: Post one week, breast implants with smooth round implants of 260 cc. Further improvement in shape over 6 months. Breast Implants are […]

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    Which Type of Breast Lift Should I Get? Ask your Plastic Surgeon in Delhi India

    Are you looking for breast lift surgery in India?   But are you confused about which type of breast lift is good for you? The decision to choose the most suitable breast lift procedure for you will be based upon consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR India. Several factors, including the degree […]

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