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    Can Ayurveda cure Gynecomastia?

    To answer this question, let’s see something that I found on Internet regarding gynecomastia and Ayurveda. “Management of gynecomastia is generally not required as it may regress on its own.” – Dabur Arogya “Powder mix of rock salt, gooseberry, ginger, black pepper can cure gynecomastia.”- Ayurpedia “Hakkam churna, Tribulus power help cure gynecomastia.”- Alwaysayurveda   […]

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  • What is the difference between Gynecomastia and PseudoGynecomastia

    What is the difference between Gynecomastia and PseudoGynecomastia?

    Chest fat or Gynecomastia?   Most people often confuse chest fat with gynecomastia. Chest fat in scientific terms is known as pseudogynecomastia. They turn to google or their gym trainers to diagnose it and end up getting depressed.   Well let’s clear some doubts today and help young men who are confused whether it is […]

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