• What to expect from your rhinoplasty recovery

    What to expect from your Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery?

    Introduction Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed to reshape the nose. It is performed to alleviate breathing problems, correct structural defects like a crooked nose, remove or reduce large bumps on the nose called “rhinophyma” or fix misshapen noses as a result of congenital defects. The surgery takes between one and four hours under […]

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    Case Studies – Facial plastic surgery – Before and After

    Chief Complaint The patient is a bright young female who presented in her mid-20’s. Her main desire was to reduce the lower lip swelling which was present since birth. There was no difficulty in mouth opening. Assessment The patient had a lower lip swelling which was 4×3 cm and involving the outer and inner side […]

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  • Fat Grafting Vs Fillers The best option for your face

    Fat Grafting V/s Fillers: The best option for your face?

    Aging is an inevitable phenomenon but modern facial rejuvenation treatment has allowed reversing the aging clock. While multiple options are ranging from non-surgical to surgical treatments, fillers and fat grafting remain a popular option. But which is better fat or fillers? Let’s find out. Facial Fat Transfer It is a procedure to transfer fat from […]

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