Breast Reconstruction with Fat grafting or Fat Transfer – Case Study

Patient Profile : 46 year post breast cancer LD flap reconstruction

Concerns: Deflated breast on cancer side.

Want to increase size but don’t want breast Implants.

Plan: Breast fat transfer by liposuction of arms and tummy

Breast Fat transferred – 350 cc


1. Take out Stubborn fat from thighs/tummy/arms

2. Reconstruction with natural fat and not artificial implants


1. Can require multiple sessions as 60-70% fat remains after fat grafting

2. Size not as consistent as Silicone implants

Watch this surgical video to know how it’s done

This video shows two things-

1. Top video- Injection is done under the muscle, can use large volume and large cannula to insert.

2. Bottom video- Injection is placed under the skin with small cannula and syringe.

These intricate things ensure adequate fat survival and long term results.

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