5 things you must do after Hair Transplant Treatment

5 things you must do after Hair Transplant Treatment

After Hair transplant treatment:- Suggested by Dr. Dr. Anmol Chugh

1. Diet

Resume your normal diet. Avoid spicy food after hair transplant. Have good amount of water. It is advised to not smoke for one month or better take time to stop smoking altogether. Also alcohol should not be consumed for at least 10 days after a hair transplant.

 2. Medications after hair transplant

Antibiotics and analgesics as prescribed. They are not to be taken empty stomach. An antacid might be prescribed to be taken empty stomach. If you are taking medications for hypertension, diabetes or thyroid disorder you should continue to take.

Minoxidil will be prescribed after two weeks. It has to be continued whether in lotion or foam.

 3. Activity after hair transplant

Take adequate rest. Sleep straight and not sideways or on tummy for four days. There might be some swelling in initial few days , sleep with an extra pillow and do cold compression with a pack of ice cubes.

You can work from the next day but it is advisable to resume on site work after two days. Avoid direct sunlight exposure for two weeks and don’t use any hair spa/massage/ oiling.

It is important to avoid heavy exercise for a month while you can resume light activities after two weeks.

4. Scalp care

Surgery head is bandaged and saline spray is given. It has to be done on transplanted area on 1 hour after every hour. Do for 5 days. Don’t touch hair. Bandage on donor site to be removed on 4th day.

Use Baby shampoo to wash scalp by making lather and gentle touch. Baby shampoo can be applied every alternate day for two weeks.

Apply Neosporin ointment on donor site twice a day. PRP session to be started after a month.

5. Supplements for Hair Transplant Treatment

Supplements rich in biotin, zinc and other multivitamins are to be incorporated in daily routine.

Dr. Anmol Chugh specializes in treatment of hair loss, hair thinning other hair related disorders. His ‘5S’ approach for hair problems has helped many patients suffering from hair problems and has been recognized by international society IMCAS.

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