• 08

    Role of Ultrasound in Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, with people seeking to enhance their appearance through various procedures. Ultrasound, also known as ultrasonic or high-frequency is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique that uses sound waves to produce images of structures within the body. In my experience over last decade the ultrasound technology has evolved […]

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  • 05

    Case Study – Gynecomastia Grade-II Surgery in Gurgaon

    Find the scar challenge!! Gynecomastia is a problem which takes a toll on young men both physically and mentally. This young man was troubled by the fact that he was not able to take out his shirt for swimming and other outdoor factors. The solution for him was surgery which is permanent but the catch […]

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  • Say Goodbye to Chest Fat!!! Gynecomastia Vs Pseudogynecomastia

    Who is the right doctor for Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi NCR India?

    Who is the right doctor for gynecomastia (Enlarged breasts in men) Gynecomastia is a condition in which male develops female like breasts. Many men around puberty develop breast tissue that is mainly due to hormonal imbalance. Men with Gynecomastia are scared to go out and wear tight clothes. They avoid going for swimming or any […]

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