Case Study – Gynecomastia Grade-II Surgery in Gurgaon

Find the scar challenge!!

Gynecomastia is a problem which takes a toll on young men both physically and mentally.

This young man was troubled by the fact that he was not able to take out his shirt for swimming and other outdoor factors.

The solution for him was surgery which is permanent but the catch is there should be no tell tale signs of surgery that is SCAR IN FRONT OF CHEST.

For that matter he consulted Dr. Chugh who suggested a scarless approach to Gynecomastia which he regularly performs by taking out both gland and fat through a small cut well hidden near armpit.

Use of latest technologies like Microaire has allowed to do the surgery in a way that there is no scar in front of chest and you can take out your shirt in open without any problem.

See the results of this super happy patient at one week.

gynecomastia grade 2 dr anmol chugh