• The big question: Are liposuction results immediate?

    The big question: Are liposuction results immediate?

    The Covid pandemic has exposed the pandemic of obesity. Exercise, the diet has been severely affected as we adapt to the new normal of work from home due to lockdown. Although life has resumed there can areas of fat in the body which despite your best efforts have remained there. BBC had reported a few […]

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  • Liposuction or Fat Removal Surgery cost in India

    Liposuction or Belly Fat Removal Surgery cost in India in 2024

    Liposuction remains a popular procedure in India. It has ranked consistently on the top list of plastic surgeons across India. But despite that, there is no uniformity of pricing. Liposuction surgery or belly fat removal surgery cost can go from Rs.30,000 to Rs.300,000. But why there is so much variation. Let’s understand what factors go […]

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    5 signs that you are a good candidate for Liposuction Surgery in India

    Liposuction is one of the most common procedure done globally. It involves removal of fat through small incisions and with use of fine instruments called cannula. Sometimes it can be genetic, after pregnancy exercise and diet are not having any effect on those piles of fat and it is affecting self – confidence. Getting rid […]

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