• Things You Should Know about breast implants

    Breast Implants: Things You Should Know

    What is Breast Implants? Breast implants are used to augment the breast size. Implants can be either silicone or saline based and either put behind the chest muscle or in front. Right candidate: Smaller than desired full breasts, Shrinkage of the breast tissue after pregnancy and breastfeeding, Asymmetric breasts. Risks: Benefits Like all surgeries, implant […]

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  • What are the Types and Cost of Breast implants in India

    What are the Types and Cost of Breast implants in India?

    Saline breast implants Saline breast implants have their shape due to the saline which is basically sterile water with salt content. They are of uniform shape and consistency, primarily indicated for females above 18 years. An advantage of this implant is that even after leakage or rupture saline is naturally absorbed by body. Silicone breast implants […]

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