• Thigh Liposuction in Female

    Case Study : Thigh Liposuction in Female

    Patient Profile: Patient is a 32 years old female who has been leading an active lifestyle and currently working in a company. Despite good diet and exercise routine patient was unable to lose stubborn fat around thighs. She was not able to wear pants of her choice and has to wear long shirts to hide […]

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  • Thigh Fat Removal

    Thigh Fat Removal – Liposuction (Surgical) and Non- Surgical Treatment Option

    Overview A lot of people are searching for the best thigh fat liposuction surgeon in India. The procedure is not very popular in India, but it is increasing in popularity. What is Thigh Fat? Thigh fat is a very common problem because of the sedentary lifestyle that most people have. Many people have problems with […]

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