Dimple Creation For The Cute Face

Dimple Creation For The Cute Face

Dimples are the most sought after facial features. The face with dimples has a long lasting effect on opposite sex. The charm of dimples can be gauged by the popularity of celebrities with dimples amongst masses. While some people are born with it, a half an hour procedure can help you achieve that cute dimples.

How are dimples formed?                  

Dimples are an inherent defect in the muscles of cheek. The muscle involved is Zygomatic major also known as laughing muscle. In the dimple creation surgery a small defect is created in this muscle from the inside the mouth, thus no scars on the outside.

The good part is you can create dimples wherever you want and on one or both sides.

How should I prepare myself for dimple creation surgery?

It is an important that you do these things before getting it done

Tests: There are blood tests that needs to be done like complete blood profile, coagulation profile and viral markers.

Stop Herbal supplements: They increase the risk of bleeding and along with Green tea they should be stopped one week before surgery.

Stop smoking and alcohol: At least one week before and after surgery, you should avoid smoking and taking alcohol.

Consult a certified plastic surgeon: It is important you discuss your desires with a plastic surgeon who can guide you with the results you can expect.

Results: The dimples in the initial 6-8 weeks are known as Static Dimples as they are there even when you are not smiling. After two months you will be able to appreciate dimples with smile.

What to expect in dimple creation surgery?

  •  Done under Local Anaesthesia and therefore can go home or to work after procedure.
  •  Site is chosen in consultation with you.
  •  The whole procedure is done under one hour.
  • The swelling subsides in 4-5 days. You will be prescribed to take pain and swelling reducing medications.
  • In initial few days, there might be some difficulty in hard foods so a liquid and semi -solid based diet is advisable.

Dr. Anmol Chugh is an internationally trained plastic surgeon who specializes in facial aesthetic surgery. To know more about Dimple creation surgery, read this.