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    Keloids : A Plastic Surgeon’s nightmare

    Keloids can indeed be a challenge for plastic surgeons! Keloids are raised, thick scars that can form after skin injury or trauma, and they can be difficult to treat. Here are some reasons why keloids are considered a plastic surgeon’s nightmare: 1. Difficulty in treatment: Keloids can be resistant to treatment, and multiple procedures may […]

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  • Why is liposuction the most common procedure in India

    Why is liposuction the most common procedure in India : Survey and Analysis.

    Liposuction is now the common aesthetic procedure performed by Indian plastic surgeons. As per the survey and statistics report in India, the total number of 79,248 liposuction surgery performed is near about 20.1%. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic surfacing in 2020, it looks like many procedure like breast augmentation or breast implant, rhinoplasty surgery may […]

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  • Seven Wonders of Plastic Surgery

    What you need to know about Seven Wonders of Plastic Surgery?

    We all know about the seven wonders of the world. But did you know about the seven wonders of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a very diverse branch as it mainly consists of seven branches Trauma surgery Any kind of trauma, be it on the face, hand or leg. It comes under the purview of […]

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  • Things You Should Know about breast implants

    Breast Implants: Things You Should Know

    What is Breast Implants? Breast implants are used to augment the breast size. Implants can be either silicone or saline based and either put behind the chest muscle or in front. Right candidate: Smaller than desired full breasts, Shrinkage of the breast tissue after pregnancy and breastfeeding, Asymmetric breasts. Risks: Benefits Like all surgeries, implant […]

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