Breast Augmentation in Gurgaon, India

Breast augmentation or Boob Job is a procedure that boosts the confidence of a female by enhancing the breast size. It can be done by the use of IMPLANTS or FAT. This procedure can also restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or weight loss.

It is one of the most sought after surgery in the world and a well-endowed figure can be achieved which is very rewarding. It has an extremely positive impact on self- esteem and body image.

Breast Augmentation Revised

Breast Implants Surgery | 5 Things you must know


Smaller than desired full breasts

Shrinkage of the breast tissue after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Asymmetric breasts

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia (with you asleep)  as a day care procedure (going home the same day). The surgery takes around 1-2 hours. You will wake up wearing your surgical bra, with tapes on the wounds.

IMPLANTS – Silicone based implants are used which are placed either behind gland or behind the muscle.

FAT GRAFTING/ FAT TRANSFER –It is a procedure in which fat is liposuctioned from unwanted area of fat which can be tummy/thigh. This fat is then transferred to breast to augment.

In some cases, implants can be combined with fat transfer especially to enhance cleavage.

If breasts are saggy it can be combined with breast lift in which either implants or remodeling of breast tissue can be done to give it volume and make it perkier.

Augmentation is done under general anaesthesia. There are different approaches in terms of incision which is usually 4-5 cm :

  1. Under the breast/ Inframammary – This is most common location and is hidden under the fold of breast which is well hidden within bra.
  2. Around the nipple/ Periareolar – This involves incision around the bottom edge of areola.
  3. Under the arm/ Axillary – Involves lower portion of armpit next to chest.

Although the location of incision depends on body type, type of implant and preference. Dr. Chugh recommends an inframammary approach as it allows to place the implant in the right pocket which ensures its proper position. Also the scar he gives ensures that it is placed right benath the breast so that even when you want to wear bikini and raise your hands, scar won’t be visible.

In your consultation you will be explained about the procedure and type and size of implants. Preoperative photographs will be taken. Dr. Chugh uses smooth implants which are safe and are the gold standard globally.

Usually most women have good idea of transforming from full B to C cup size. But cup size are not much accurate. A simple activity at home can give you a good idea that is ‘RICE TEST’. To perform this test, take of pair of your old leg stockings. Put the desired amount of uncooked rice (1cc = 1ml) and tie the knots. You can try with different quantity and wear a tight T shirt over it a get a good idea. Also spacers can be used. But it is important to understand that proper body measurements like distance from shoulder, ribcage, inframammary fold will help us decide a proportionate size that suits your body type.

After the surgery, you will be discharged in the evening while wearing a customized garment/ sports bra. Sometimes an overnight stay might be recommended. There will be some pain or discomfort which usually resolves in few days. Painkillers will be prescribed that gives good relief. It is important that you don’t drive yourself afterwards the surgery.

It is important you take good rest and have plenty of fluids along with good diet. By the morning, nausea and pain will have subsided. There will be some swelling and bruising and soakage of dressing. It is important you visit for follow up. Next day you can take shower carefully and dry the tape placed over scar line.

It has to be worn for 6 weeks both day and night as it will provide support and assist in gaining shape.

It is important that you limit your activities during first week. You can resume work and light activities after rest of two days. Running, brisk walking, heavy activities should not be done in first week. Strenous activities should be restricted atleast three weeks after surgery.  It is better to sleep on back or by side. Physical intimacy can be resumed after two weeks or when comfortable. Smoking, alcohol and stress should be avoided to ensure good healing.

These are some of the complications which are to inform and not alarm you. Implant rupture, bruising swelling, abnormal scarring,change of nipple sensation, asymmetry, capsular contracture (the formation of hard, painful scar tissue around the implant). Rarely it has been linked with anaplastic large – cell lymphoma (ALCL), a rare form of non- Hodgkin lymphoma.

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma has been associated with textured implants. It usually takes around 8 years to develop and has been treated with removal of implant and medical management. Dr. Chugh only uses smooth implants which are completely safe.

Many women with implants have successfully breastfed and it does not interfere with lactation.

You will get a good idea of shape and size immediately after the surgery, but final results will be seen by 3 months.


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